My firstborn son, Remick, was less than 10 days old. Born near the farm at a small hospital in the bush of Africa, and 2 weeks overdue, our time was drawing near to travel to the USA. Jerry had to make one last trip up to the remote area in Botswana that we now call home. It was just me, my new baby boy and a whole lot of farmland and wild animals. The house had no electricity or running water. We were on our “african adventure” and roughing it was what we thrived on. At least till the kids started coming along!

A vegetable garden was my pride and joy, next to my new son of course! I heard a bunch of noise outside the window and when I looked I saw a troop of Baboons having a party in the middle of my -almost ripe-garden! Out of instinct, I grabbed Remick and put him on my hip and went back to the window to figure out what to do. If I went outside it could put us in danger. I am a person who takes risks for sure-but I decided to open the window and give the intruders a piece of my mind. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the whole house was surrounded!

The alpha male had the nerve to steal my long awaited, beautiful, plump, sweet watermelon and had it under his arm! I opened the window and with all I could muster up, began to shout at those baboons and told them to get out of my garden and leave my watermelon alone! They just looked at each other and kept on partying. They eventually left that evening, watermelon tucked safely under the baboons arm.

While I didn’t win the stand off, I am reminded of the need for us to stand our ground for things that are important to us. I tend to get myself in to trouble often. My wise, calm husband always reminds me to “choose my battles carefully” but I don’t always follow that advice. I thought I would get better with time but it seems I still have “passion” for some things that just seem to land at my doorstep or I my yard like the baboons. I have 4 kids now, 2 grown and 2 at home, but I have a lot more out there that consider me their “mom”.

I hope that I can, through this blog, channel some of that energy to do some good, even to ignite passion in people to make a difference with the influence God has given us, to protect the “garden” entrusted into our care. Baboons, babies and all, let’s give it our best shot!

photo: Copyright © 2012 Mary Robbins