It is a new day, and I came to watch the sunrise at Galveston Beach. It wasn’t spectacular as I had hoped. Instead, it was subtle, overcast with clouds. Behind the clouds the sun is shining bright, and it gives enough light for what I know as day-to be.

Steady and predictable are the rhythms of the sun.  Throughout history as I know it, that is the one thing that is certain. The sun will rise today.

One thing is certain in my life. That I will have today, a new day, every day until my life is no more. God is my sun, my light and my salvation. I can always count on His light to be there. On cloudy overcast days, he gives enough light to face the day. The rhythms of Life and the rhythms of God in my life are fundamentally the same: Unchangeable. Steady. Every day. He is as devoted to me as the sun to is Him, it’s Creator.

From the darkness of where I slept last night, I awoke to the the call of its early light. I am met by flocks of birds spreading their wings over the ocean waves, fishermen casting their lines for an early catch, disciplined souls taking their early morning walks.

Though the struggles of this life be many, and cast their clouds over the true and living Sun in my life, He is here. Giver of life. I need only to step into the light of this day. And to make this day count for eternity. To exist today for that which I was created- relationship with my creator.  And from the overflow of that love relationship-to be the expression of who he is. HE IS LOVE. And love does.

IMG_0248May love take action through my heart and life today. As I wrap up this Devo, drops of rain are falling, and he is here, with me, on this cloudy, rainy day. Shining through me, though at times cloudy, for me to be His light to a soul who needs enough light to face their day.

Jana Lackey