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images-1Today my husband, Jerry, challenged me to list 10 things for which I am Thankful. It really puts things in perspective. Here goes:

1. Thankful for the Morning

Each day is a new day, with a new story to write.

2. Thankful for my 4 Children

Four blessings, each unique, healthy, full of purpose and life. Though on their own journey, are not completely off the rails!

3. Thankful for my home.

Beyond my wildest dreams, such a haven in the midst of wildlife, and river view that brings tranquility of soul.

4. Thankful for My Husband

A man who fears God, loves God and loves me. And a bonus-he doesn’t dominate the TV with sports. He’s just not into it.

So, the occasional car show is perfectly bearable!

5. Thankful for the joy of seeing fruit from our labors in the lives of people. Souls whose lives have been lifted and helped in practical ways.

Children who grew up and now have children and are living on purpose for Christ.

6. Thankful for my Mother in Law and the 5 month journey we have shared. The furnace of affliction has been tough.

God is more concerned with my heart condition than my comfort. It has been revelational to me to be the vessel through which God’s love has been poured out to her.

7. Thankful, even proud to be called a Missionary, and to be Christ’s extension of peace and reconciliation in this world.

8. Equally thankful for giving me the grace to be away from my earthly family in Texas all these years.

Longing and sadness is replaced by joy, knowing who they all have become and quality times when I do see them.

9. Thankful for the brave people in my life who cheer me on to be a better person and for those who just cheer me on in the good times and the bad.

10. Thankful for Social Media-Skype, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, etc.

For the seconds and not months to connect with people. It makes the world accessible to me from my life here, in Northern Botswana, unlike missionaries of old who packed their belongings in the coffin in which they would be buried and had only mail by ships to make contact with their loved ones.

I want to extend this exercise to anyone else who might need a reminder that the good in our lives far outweighs the stormy times.

**Photo compliments of myheartmyhandsasl