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In 1987 I got married to a man who shared my unmistakeable, clear call from the heart of God for Southern Africa. We got married, packed our bags, put our wedding gifts in storage, and moved to Botswana, Africa where we have lived for the past 25 years. We have 4 amazing kids ages 8-22! It hasn’t been easy but it has been the ride of a lifetime! My greatest desire is to see people loved by God in practical, relevant ways every day of my life. This blog is my unfolding story!

9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Flora Kangombe said:

    I am listening Joel Osteen talking about your story and your family. I Googled you guys and reading your story it really touched me. I live in Namibia and I have given almost everything to be a missionary and I am doing it for a year and 4months now. I am loving very much, these little ones light up my world. I’m wishing you many more success in your work with God and be blessed in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    • Flora, thanks for your sweet message! I just saw it now and. Loved hearing about you! It is truly a wonderful life! Hope we get to cross paths sometime!

  2. sylivia aryasiima said:

    I love you guys..all along from Uganda…keep the heart and be blessed abundantly….in name ov Jesus..amen

  3. sylivia aryasiima said:

    May the lord the creator of the inverse bless you for ever…thanx for the love you have for Botswana….

  4. I am not surprised you and your husband are so inspired by Botswana. I spent a very happy year plus of my childhood living there some 35 years ago. Needless to saw even in that short space in time Botswana enchanted me enough that the memories remain very dear to me. I have never lived in a better place. You are indeed very lucky.


  5. Jana Beautiful family and interesting life, your children will learn many heartfelt things on just being human and what a gift it is to help those in places who truly need help.

  6. alfred Nti said:

    Hi Jana,

    Jess hit the nail right on the head. My name is Alfred Nti and i live in Ghana west Africa. I must admit that, God has been good to me and my family. But i have passion for Humanitarian work, if Christ laid his life for others so we should do same as follows. i heard your story whiles listening to Pastor Joel (my mentor). I belong to a ministry here in Ghana who prays and intercedes for people. If you would want us to be of help in any form please write back and let’s stay in touch.

    God bless you,


  7. Jess Camalari said:

    Dear Mrs. Lackey:
    I heard about you yesterday ( Sunday, February 24, 2013) in the morning. Joel Osteen mentioned you and your husband and your beautiful commitment in (Botswana) Africa. I was thrilled because, just a few days ago, I was trying to explain to a brother of mine about the existence of Botswana, within South Africa. What you are doing there is amazing! and definitely, God blessed.

    I know a bit about the world because I am a Navigator, graduated from the Cuban Naval Academy. So, I more or less know where every country in the world is located and, of course, due to Apartheid and the complexities of Botswana within South Africa, I must have read something somewhere about the country. Besides, I was in Africa in a missionary trip with an evangelist from Canada. The thing is, I am a Canadian citizen now, originally from Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a country with an African-American population descendent of African slaves and they comprise about 15 percent of the entire population of about 5 million people. Nicaragua is a small Central American country which suffered earthquakes, dictatorships, hurricanes and fratricidal wars, and a never-ending struggle for power between rival factions.
    When in Africa, I visited Ethiopia, Uganda, went by Congo, Kenya and South Sudan when this country was just a month-old in its independence. I loved Africa! and I would like to go back if I could. Which is the reason I write.

    I would like to commit myself to something like what you are doing. If you think it could be possible, please write back to me and let’s exchange information so to speak to see if I could fit into your missionary endeavours.


    Jess Camalari

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