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photo by me

As the sun rises in Africa today and as I read the morning news feed on Facebook, in different parts of the world some are asleep others greeted the dawn hours ago. One thing in life is certain. We all are given the morning, the new day.

-To the grieving parents and their families, awake to the cold, harsh sting of the void that will never be filled again by the one they have lost.

-For the morning cry of a baby, parents awake with tired bodies, but once their arms embrace their warmth and wonder, their hearts are are full.

-Some awake to the harsh reality that is their life. Another day waking in hunger, on the streets, just trying to survive by whatever means possible to feed themselves and those in their care.

Through the breaking of the dawn, eyes around the world open, feeling its bidding.

-To some it is a sting, wishing it to go away as their bed is merely a piece of worn plastic on a cold concrete floor, a foul smelling street, a sandy desert, a scratchy bed of grass under a tree.

-Others eyes fall on the lushness of their lives, a thick, down mattress, with Egyptian cotton sheets and a lush duvet.

-If you are following me in this prose, you probably woke up in a bed with sheets, in a room with a door, and a roof overhead.

In this morning, on this day, I am grateful for the joy this sunrise has brought me, but I also remember and share in the heart cries of fellow humanity who feel the pain that this day brings. May someone today, bring love, a helping hand, a smile, a hug, a cup of coffee, a piece of bread to those, to the majority of the world’s population who did’t wake to joy, comfort or peace.

May those who carry on the inside of them, the Hope found in God’s love through the gift of life, have eyes to see their need, ears to hear their cries and do something, today, for another.