While we were in Southern Africa we did many things. We served missionaries, helping them in their various works, taught in Bible schools, spoke in churches, went into Soweto, where the news was still fresh of tire necklace burning in the battle against apartheid in South Africa. We were offered churches to pastor, bible schools to teach in, many opportunities came our way. But we took a trip to Botswana with a seasoned missionary named Charles Haupt. He was to do a trip to check on his work in the Northern Part of Botswana. During our trip to Botswana, our time was filled with a lot of driving over vast expanses of land. The roads were rough, sandy, and like winter in the desert, the weather was freezing cold. We traveled by day and sat around the fire by night listening to the sounds of the African night. We heard the lions roaring, saw hippos and elephants grazing and awoke in the morning to the magnificent African sunrise.

Until, at last, we reached the beautiful people who live in the remote areas of Northwest Botswana. As we arrived at our first destination we saw such an eagerness to receive us as their special guests. Together with Charles we shared the good news, gave out clothing and shared bright oranges with the kids. Each child lined up one by one, stretching out both hands to receive it as a sign of respect. They respectfully waited, sitting in small circles until all the children were served. They waited for the nod from the Chief and tore into them and ate the whole thing, skin and all! At that point, I looked over at Jerry and he was crying. I was also touched but I could see, for him, there was something more. He had seen something years before, even in his rebellion and time away from God. He saw a vision of himself in this very place with these very people. He knew at that moment that this was where God wanted us to be. I had a call to Southern Africa, but I married a man that had specifically prayed a dangerous prayer, “God, send me where no one else is willing to go, where it’s not popular or glamorous.” So he sent us to the edge of the desert, the mouth of the Okavango Delta in the remote village of Maun, Botswana. The rest of that journey was nothing but solid “knowing” that we wanted to work in this region. The rest of our time in Africa was great, but nothing compared to our experience in Botswana. It shined like a diamond above all else. Our Pastor, John Osteen had a book written from a sermon he preached on “A Place Called There”. It’s about when you know that you know you are in the right place at the right time with a destiny to fulfill. And at that place, God will provide all you need!

I have included an excerpt from his book at this link: http://www.cfaith.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2029:a-place-called-there&catid=57:destiny&Itemid=91

His son, Pastor Joel Osteen has now put out a new book out about the Legacy of our father in the faith, John Osteen at http://www.joelosteen.com/pages/store-product.aspx?pid=b949ef8c-d588-e111-a97a-005056810023