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Day 7/500 word challenge
‘’Some people never change”.  How many times have you heard someone say that? If you read my blog Kicked out of School then you already know that I was a mess at 14 years old.   It was March 3, 1976, the day I said, “God, if you are real, then come and change me from the inside out.” It was also the day I got busted for having weed at school. It was in that order. Gave my life to God, and got busted. I had pulled a lot of stunts up to that point. Authority figures in my life didn’t really trust me-to put it mildly. As far as they knew, it was all a stunt to get out of trouble. As I sat in the principal’s office, with the weed on his desk, guilty as charged, I said to him, “You can do what you need to do and I will understand. One thing I know, that God has forgiven me.”

Only a couple of people believed something real had taken place that day. By the time I got home the news had reached my mom. She was waiting for me when I walked in the kitchen excited to share the news. But it was not the good news she heard, but the bad news. Her daughter already kicked out of public school, now on the last chance at Christian School too! All she could say through her tears was, “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” My mom is a saint by the way. It would be a little while before she would see the change in me and be convinced it was not all just a ploy to get out of the trouble I was in.

No one had told her that I had made a life altering decision to let God take over the wheel in my life. Change takes time. Sometimes it is impossible. But the “G” factor is the exception! God, Father, Daddy, Creator, Mother, Maker, is all that and more. I didn’t change overnight on the outside, but the awesome thing is that the moment I prayed that prayer and asked for His help, the lights came on. I had peace and joy that was indescribable!

At the Church we Pastor in Africa, we tell people that if you sit under the Word of God long enough, He will begin to change us from the inside –out. No one is a worse “sinner” than the other! Not even close. We should all have a sign on our forehead that says “Under Construction”. Because we all are-under construction.


The school board had their meeting about “Jana Baker” and they almost had a deadlock vote whether to keep me in the school or not.  There was only one option left for me. REFORM SCHOOL. Check back tomorrow for the rest of the story!

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