One thing I know: If someone insults you its one thing. Let them insult your kids, it’s another thing entirely! Let any threat to Lioness’ cubs come anywhere near and instincts kick in with a roar!  I feel this way about the lives entrusted to our watchful care here at Love Botswana. I am privileged to be a Mama to anyone who will let me! If danger comes near and my cubs are threatened, my instincts kick in to protect. That’s the first and strongest instinct of any mother. Its something too strong to wrap words around. It usually defies logic and happens before critical thinking skills and planning and protocol have a chance to play a role.

My sister from my African Mother calls me “Scarlet Ohara” for my streak of, well whatever you call it. A name could be temper, spirited, passionate, and feisty. Regardless, it gets me in trouble more times than I would like to admit.

Its like the pushing part of giving birth. In order to make some things happen, that’s just what it takes. Tenacity. Grit. And yes, even a strong will to get that thing done! Just get out of my way cuz I am pushing! And give me some ice chips and encouragement when I need it because its going to happen!

One thing I know: If my motives are questioned and I am misunderstood in my efforts to be that mama, that is the worse thing I can experience. My knees go weak and the tears will not stop.

Real life is full of such experiences. All we can do is swallow our pride, “eat crow” and carry on the best we can.  If I don’t brush off those knees when they fall down, I won’t ever get up and keep doing what is before me to do. I am not a perfect person or mama, but I am going to keep on going, loving, trying, protecting, and watching out for my cubs.

Neither Jerry’s fingerprints nor mine are on this ministry, only the fingerprints of God. So enemies of good cannot stop us. Don’t let my white skin fool you. My instincts to protect the dignity of my African family are strong. Everything I stand for is FOR the land of my heart that I have been privileged to live and serve in for 25 years. I have received more than I have ever given in this rich land that values respect, honor, and relationships.