Malachite Kingfisher

God cares!

On Saturday I  heard a loud “bang” on the window. It was a familiar sound as birds often mistake it for open air. Later on, I was outside and I saw a beautiful, but stunned, Malachite Kingfisher frozen in position. I gently picked him and left him on a limb high from the ground to get over the shock. Several hours later, he was still there. Me and the 7 children who were guests at my house over the weekend made a little nest in a big glass lantern box and got him settled in. The magnificent little creature was alive, but not eating or drinking. Another day passed. This morning, I placed the glass box on a pole near a tree. As I looked on, his eyes locked in with mine. I could see he wanted to live, to fly, but maybe he was damaged beyond repair.

I decided to pray a simple, child- like prayer. I reminded my creator, that he created the birds of the air and that bible says that even of a sparrow that falls to the ground-you see and care about it. He was likening it to how much more he cares about us as people!

A few hours passed and I glanced out the window to check on my new found friend. He was gone! I ran out to see and sure enough, he found the strength to make flight! I am reminded of how very much God listens to our prayers. There is no prayer too small for Him. Its so easy, as we get older and “wiser” to make it so complicated. God Cares. God listens. He really does.