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If there was one word that I hope to embrace and become this year, its “diligent”. On a mission to make my season (50 something) to count and get the most out of it, it is going to take drastic measures. I am a person with a lot on my plate, but I have evolved enough that I have to be strategic with my days. Like many people, this is a wannabe thing-to set goals for the new year. I am teaming up with some pretty successful people to do this. 1. Alece Ronzino of oneword365.com 2. Bit the bullet and signed up for Michael Hyatt’s 5 day course bestyearever.me/ and last, but not least, 3. Took up the challenge goinswriter.com/my500words/


So, starting now, I am writing +-500 words per day for 31 days. Besides being diligent to be a good to myself, wife, mom, pastor, and whatever else, I will be writing. I started the blog with some good kick, but stopped way too soon. This blog is my declaration to you, the reader that-I am back! 25 years in Africa has changed my life and i am going to be writing about that change. Stories of challenges, victories, crazy stuff that would be hard to believe if you don’t know me-that’s what I am going to share.

Lots of people have stories inside of them, and I am going to be one of those who do something about it! If you are a writer wannabe- then take up Jeff Goin’s challenge too and let’s put some pen to the paper, or fingers to the keys and get going!

It reminds me of a time when I was around 15 years old.  I was at my mentor’s home. (Rachel Burchfield) I was having a “quiet time”, reading the bible and talking to God when I heard a voice, deep down, that said, “Jana, I am going to give you a life of perseverance”. Wow. God actually spoke to me! So excited, I ran out of the room and at the breakfast table where she and her mom and sister were sitting, I shared this amazing news. Then, I paused and said, “Rachel, what is perseverance anyway?” Fast forward to my wedding day, 26 years old, Rachel gave Jerry and I a charge at our wedding. She shared that story that I had long forgotten. Up to that point, I had plenty of opportunities to say I was living a life that needed lots of perseverance. Now, fast forward again, today, in my 52nd year of life, I can, and will by God’s grace and diligence, write about how I have seen that word-perseverance- shape my life at every level. There are already blogs written on this site that have started telling the story. Go with me, if you will, and we will adventure together! I was tasked that this first day of the 31 day challenge should not be edited, just a “rant”. So here it is. I am pressing the button on Day 1!

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