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It felt so good to be going through all the stuff accumulated over 15 years in one house. It was originally supposed to be a temporary house for us. The miracle money we got from Pastor John Osteen and the Lakewood Church family was supposed to go for a house to be built for us, but we knew how much we needed other houses for missionaries who came to serve alongside us in Botswana. So, with that money and some very dedicated building teams from the USA, we managed to stretch the money into 5 houses. My brother-in-law, Trey Smith, a high-end home builder, helped us adapt a design we found at a hotel in Francistown, 5 hours away. It was a one room, chalet up on gum poles, wooden and thatched roof. It ended up being 2 bedroom and cozy, but he insisted that it needed to be a temporary measure as it was small for our family.

Jerry found the perfect spot on the property given to us by the Tawana Land Board and we staked out where the rest of the houses would be. We started out living in one room, me, Jerry, and the 3 boys. As things got more finished, we established our Love Botswana office in the loft of the house. I don’t know what I was thinking when we decided to put our very first phone line in, upstairs! The problem was that there were no stairs. We used a ladder to get up and down. During this period there was no railing and I am sure if we had been in the USA we would have been reported for endangering our kids! Thankfully, not one of them ever fell off that loft on their head! I do have some head injury stories, but I will save those for another time!

Eventually, we moved into our own room and the 3 kids shared the other. At one time, we had bunk beds stacked 3 high. The highest one would get nosebleeds! (Just kidding) Through the years, we did every configuration we could in that room to give the growing boys their space. Being raised in Africa though, our boys really lived outdoors and rarely stayed in their room for long unless they were being given “time out”. It was the worst punishment we could administer!

We moved out the temp folding tables and made way for the kitchen of my dreams. It was about 4 years into living there. During that time, Mmapula came into our lives and that too, is another story. A beautiful one I might add! We needed a spot for her too! So, she joined mama in her room. (move over dad!)

Now she is 8 and kids have filtered out and some back in! Jerry is in China doing a sourcing trip for the furnishings of the New Building. I wrote and told him that I had “a moment” while packing up some things. He said this, “I have always enjoyed our home together with you there. Many of our dreams have transpired and faith has been activated in our lives during that period.” Its the closing of a chapter. One full of adventure and stories that I am longing to, and committed to share. I appreciate anyone who wants to come along with me and hear what amazing things God can do with a little!

In High School there was a song our Ensemble did written by Lanny Wolf. “Little is much when God is in it. Labor not, for wealth or fame. There is a crown and you can win it, if you go in Jesus’ name!”