During the long process of applying for the application to have our rescue center, I received a call from a Doctor from our church and she said, “Mma Moruti, a baby was found dumped in a pit latrine, can you please come.” They knew of our heart for these precious ones and that our team would be able to provide some support to the hospital staff. When we arrived, we were told, “the baby didn’t survive the night”. My head dropped, the tears started to flow and when I turned around, I heard God’s voice say to me, “JANA, I count the stars and I call each one by name (Psalms 147:4) and this baby has a name and you will bury this baby.” We named him Naledi, which means “star” in Setswana, the local language of Botswana where I live.

We just celebrated the Official Opening for the Lorato House, a rescue center for abandoned babies. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you the story that is behind this amazing program that rescues children. To start off, I want to share this poem was written so lovingly for “Baby Naledi” who lived only a few hours after being found in a pit latrine. This poem was written for the funeral by Kate Nicholls of the Lion Camp, Mother, Biologist, poet, author, actress and most of all, my friend.

“I do not blame the young woman who dropped her baby down a long drop

but feel unimaginable hurt that a young girl should have felt such despair she lost her empathy.

What must have happened to her? And where is she now?

She needs so badly to be looked after

Women bear a hard burden.

I have seen lions walk away from their cubs and been saddened

But the females were sick or had lost contact with other females in the pride

It takes more than one to bring up young

For a young girl maybe HIV positive, or abused, or pregnant because of rape or briefly crazed by the wild

hormonal swings that affect some women

to have to endure such pain alone is more than the heart can bear.

 If women can be offered help without judgment

then one by one they will come forward

and be given the strength to bring up their babies or hand them over

to those that can – with a light heart.”