Over the coming weeks and months we spent more and more time together after work and on our free days. We would ride together to church and eventually I even started playing the piano to assist him in Wednesday evening children’s church while he played the guitar and led the singing. The only thing was, I really didn’t know HOW to play the piano! I did play the guitar and took the chords from the guitar and realized they sounded the same on the piano! So, I just faked it and no one was the wiser, or at least they never let on!

My biggest fear in a relationship, being a young woman with a very clear call from God and a very specific direction for my life, was to waste precious time in a relationship that was not going to end up as my life partner. My criteria was 2 things: he had to love Jesus as much as I did, and be called to Africa. That narrowed things down a bit! I also mentioned to God that “I wouldn’t mind if he was good looking too!” Throughout my relationship with Jerry, I was so unsure if this was really it. Yes, he was called to Africa. Yes, he loved God with all his heart, but was it too good to be true? I felt he was out of my league. He was older than me and so good looking and stylish! I sure didn’t bargain for that part!


As time went on, people began to see us as “a couple”. Originally, Jerry thought he was going to be single and go to Africa. He felt he could do more for God single, than married. He was approaching 30 and he was pretty comfortable with his bachelorhood. When it started taking him time to commit his heart to me, I started to get nervous. I wanted to chuck the whole thing and say, “forget it, this is too hard!” But my wise mother said to me, “Jana, hang on, this one is worth waiting for. When he does commit, it will be solid and it will be quick. Just be his friend.” When I would go to the Lord in prayer about our relationship, the Lord would gently speak to me and say, “Jana, be faithful to him as a friend”. So that’s what I did, but I also loved him very much “more than a friend!”

By this time I had been approached about working at KGOL as an account executive, where Carla was an announcer and where I had organized media buys for LuMatt. In the big city of Houston, my office was near Jerry’s town home so I would sometimes go there for lunch while his work was near my apartment and he would do the same. It was New Year’s Eve and I was looking forward to getting off, but I was a little irritated that Jerry hadn’t made plans with me for the evening. Was it taken for granted that I would just be free and available at his whim to get together! I was getting more irritated and restless by the minute, reminding the Lord that I didn’t intend to waste time or personal energy in a relationship if it was going nowhere! After all, I was on my way to Africa and waiting for the green light from the Lord! Jerry was working a double shift as he was in retail at the time and was clueless as to my emotional dilemma!

“Things I want in a wife

ImageThat afternoon during lunch, I went over to his place, walked into the Living room, and there on the desk, bold as daylight was a big piece of paper, and on it a list with bold letters that that read, “Things I want in a wife”. I contemplated for about a millisecond as to whether I should read it or not, and decided after all, that it was fair game as it was in plain sight! I looked at the 10 points on that paper and was dumbstruck. 1. Loves the Lord 2. A good dresser 3. A good cook 4. Good looking 5. secretarial skills 6. Called to Africa…That’s about as far as I got. I did not see myself on that list very much at all! I stormed out of that townhouse and after work that day, went to my little apartment where I lived alone, packed my bag and drove to the nearest Hotel and checked in. I locked myself in the room and vowed to God that I would not leave that room till I heard from Him regarding my relationship with Jerry Lackey! Was this the one or not?